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INFO WANTED - If you have answers to any of the info requested please let us know by emailing and we will share it with everyone

Has anyone painted their nauticus, if they have, what paint did they use? did they use a professional? Advice would be appreciated


Martin Roberts
please can anybody tell me what kind of water heater to fit to my nauticus the old one now defunk was a paloma open flue ? i have just aquired it and i am refurbing it to its original speck well as near as i can


Jeffrey Foulds
I need to replace my canopy on my Nauticus 27 called Scooby Doo in the very near future. Has anyone replaced theirs recently and can reccommend a supplier?


Can anyone please help me with info about the steering wheel mechanism box behind the steering wheel? I cant find anything anywhere.

Yours Hopefully

Im looking for a new cover some time this year , so if you have any pointers, would be appreciated.
Best Regards

Mike Revuke
Hi Bob The part you are looking at is for winding the leg up ,It should have six bolts holding it If you look on Chertsey Marine you can see an exploded view of it and a full price list, if you need any more help feel free to pm me
Ron Atkinson
Can anyone tell me urgently please! Where (if you can) do you get the new drive gaiter and seals for the outdrive and can anyone tell me what is above the drive unit inside the boat as i am sure something has gone or broken away from the unit on the inside of the hull. There is or what looks like a worm drive with a securing ring and two hex screws to hold it in. Is this where the handle used to fit to raise the unit???

Many thanks
Bob F
Renovating Sliding Windows
  1. Has anyone succeeded on relining the aluminium channel without removing the frame from the boat and dismantling it?
  2. Have they used Seals Direct flock window channel or were they able to get hold of something similar to the almost rigid original channel liner and insert this in situ?
  3. As there is not a lot of space above and below the glass pane should the insert be placed above and below the pane or just above it or just below it if not room for both?
William R Hind
Do you pack the gaiter on the Z drive with grease around the UV joint?
You do not grease this u/v it is splash fed from gears.
Ron Atky

Wonder if anybody has a wiring diagram for a 27ft Nauticus canal cruiser? My boat number is 55 Maggie James, and is moored on the Norfolk Broads. Thank you in anticipation,
Stan Crockett


Morse gear cable is 4m long on the 27.

BMC 1.5 Diesel Info / Service Info. Click to view

BMC 1.5 Diesel Workshop Manual Printed & Binded- £10 inc. postage. Click to Buy
BMC 1.5 Diesel Workshop Manual Electronic Copy (pdf) - £5 Click to Buy

Mk2 Sea Wolf & Sea Tiger Watermota engine service manual inc parts lists and diagrams - copied £10 to cover costs inc. postage

Transa Drive service manual inc parts lists and diagrams on all models - copied £10 to cover costs inc. postage

Enfield Z Drive transom units Service Manual and Parts List Printed & Binded - £10 inc. postage. Click to Buy
Enfield Z Drive transom units Service Manual and Parts List Electronic Copy (pdf) - £5 Click to Buy

Sillette-Sonic Ltd 020 8337 7543 parts for transadrive and morse cables. Ask for Alan. Mention the site.

Seals+ Direct Ltd window seals etc. 0845 226 3345 or They have a very good brochure with true scale drawings and fitting instructions. It's not easy! Mention the site. The product is Claytonrite Window Rubber.

What you will need to replace your window seals (thanks to George on Zappeterus):

WR69 (main windows) 10mm x 5mm (8/9mm web) - 16.5 metres (53ft) - approx £5.44 per metre.

WR63 (galley & toilet windows) 5mm x 3mm (6/7mm web) - 3.65 metres (12ft) - approx £3-70 per metre.

FS72 Filler strip (needed for both above) - approx 87p per metre

GT75 Fitting tool - approx £9.45

see PLANS for George's article on DIY Rubbing Strakes replacement


Just finished fitting new window seals to all windows on a Nauticus, found the best method is to use a silicon spray and 2 x window fitting spatula's from North Eastern Rubber.99p each ObjectPath=/Shops/62030065/Categories/%22Insert%20Tools%22
The silicon spray is also really effective for fitting the filler strip in a couple of minutes
Can do it everything as a one man job. Hope it assists others in the replacement of window seals


Please send any info you have to share with other owners!